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At Safe Ireland Summit we have a broad range of safety professionals specialized in community safety services. If you are interested in receiving customized help or staying on top of the latest trends in these matters, you will find that a subscription to our company is worth more than the money you invest in it.

The Packages We Offer

The most basic package we offer includes an online assessment of your community’s safety risks at a monthly fee of $10, which is perfect if you are not within our area in Ireland. With this package, you will receive the advice and tips needed to sort out the safety issues you and our professionals might spot within your area.

Safe Ireland Summit also offers a Children Safety Package at a monthly fee of $15, which includes school visits, child-friendly professionals educating your kids in groups of 4-6, and some raffles where the little ones can win hats and hoodies with our company’s logo.

Our company’s Top Package stands at an adjustable fee because it is entirely customizable to your community’s particular needs. Our professionals, in this case, make the assessments, in person.

Any advice, safety device implementation, conferences, and additional services you might require will be included in the cost we establish after our first visit.

How to Subscribe to Safe Ireland Summit

The first step to subscribe to any of our packages is to go to our Contact Information page and contacting us. If you are interested in our basic package, you need only specify your community’s conditions and location.

Since we won’t be there in person, it is paramount that you provide as many details as you possibly can about your community.

For subscriptions to our Children Safety Package and the Top Package, you will also send your request via email. Upon receiving your request, we will be sending you the payment information because you are required to pay an initial fee of $10 to bring our professionals to your community. From there, we will discuss your particular needs in person.