Top 4 Safety-Related Events in Dublin Everybody Should Attend

For all of you out there worrying about enhancing your community and your family’s safety, Safe Ireland Summit has put together a list reviewing the safety-related events Dubliners should attend.

Check out these events and what they have to offer, as we provide comprehensive reviews for you to read and evaluate which ones fit your needs better.


Fire Safety Awareness Training

This event will prove to be very valuable for any community, as it is a weekly occurrence in Dublin. The course deals with topics such as fire causes, prevention, evacuation drills, the proper usage of extinguishers, and much more.

If you are worried about fire hazards and making your community members aware of how to handle and prevent them, this course is definitely for you.

Safe Pass Training Course

If you belong to a community of construction workers, this course is a must-attend. In the event, attendees receive advice and guidance regarding topics as varied as accident prevention, hygiene, and health, how to properly work in big heights, among others.

Although there is a broad scope of working areas they cover, this only increases the chances for you to get useful tips.

All Ireland Occupational Safety Quiz 2020

This fun event takes place all across the country and will provide you with an opportunity to earn respect from your co-workers. Although it is set up as a competition to see who has the safest working habits, you will find no shortage of strategy-learning experiences and many chances to improve processes that might be a bit unsafe.

Slip Prevention Workshops 2020

Yet another workplace safety event you definitely cannot miss, as its aim is risk assessment. If you think your line of work is a bit too risky, in these practical workshops you will receive training about how to manage the slip risks that are present in your workplace. For people interested in practical approaches to learning, these courses are perfect.

You must keep an eye out for risks not only in the community you live in but also in your work community, as it will enable you to get home safely.

If you are worried about your capabilities for facing and overcoming these risks, you should take some time to attend these events. Are you up for the task of increasing your safety at home and work?