3 Tips to Stay Safe at Home

Your home is your comfort zone, the place where you feel comfortable and safe is essential to spend days full of happiness. Although not always that feeling of shelter remains with us.

Valuable possessions that represent a higher spiritual and sentimental value than monetary ones are at risk, not to mention the most precious asset you can possess, your family. What steps can you take to avoid such a devastating situation?


In this article, you will find practical and simple solutions to make you safer.

Safe Doors

featured image 3 Tips to Stay Safe at Home Safe Doors - 3 Tips to Stay Safe at Home

The door is the main access point to our house and the most comfortable to enter to steal. Making sure it is an impenetrable place depends on us.

Ciaran O’Connell of Burglar Buster recommends paying attention to the frame where the door lock is located. Keep in mind that in the space between the frame and the door the thieves use a lever with which they open the doors more easily.

Making sure that this opening does not exist will easily prevent access through them. Those approved by the European standard have been subjected to resistance tests and are therefore more difficult to penetrate.

Impenetrable Windows

featured image 3 Tips to Stay Safe at Home Impenetrable Windows - 3 Tips to Stay Safe at Home

Do you usually check the windows? Paying special attention to them when leaving or being inside our homes will give us peace of mind and assurance that there will be no thieves invading us.

Windows are usually the most common places for thieves to enter homes. PVC glass windows must be secured by installing a NoGo lock and a frame blocker to prevent the glass from being easily removed from the outside.

Another way of securing our windows is by placing protectors in front of them, with sturdy, thick material.

Alarms Activated and Lights On

Leaving feeling confident that our house is safe is priceless. A good alarm that warns those around us and even ourselves when a thief tries to enter our homes will completely rule out any possibility of theft.

As recommended by the Security Council, our houses should remain illuminated in front and behind, which will prevent thieves from having a place to hide, and it will be easier for our neighbours to visualize what happens if help is needed.

Putting these simple tips into practice will make your possessions and family safe and secure.