About Us

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Safe Ireland Summit was born from the interest of our funder Sophia Bentley in bettering the safety of communities around her because she felt like everybody deserved to live in a better place. Although it was a challenge at first, she gradually put together the team of safety-dedicated professionals that run the company today.

While there are many safety-oriented companies everywhere, we stand out because we work hand in hand with communities. Our personalized approach to safety concerns within different communities is our cornerstone.

Core Values

Everybody working at Safe Ireland Summit shares the same core values because we all believe our job is important and makes a big difference in people’s life. We are dedicated, responsible and constantly improving the quality of our services. If you are looking for accountability, you will find it with us every step of the way.

Why Hire Our Services

We make sure our rates are adjusted to the type of community that approaches us because we believe everybody should have a chance to improve their safety. If you are the type of person not to rely solely on law enforcement, you will find our risk assessment and resulting advice to be a valuable tool to keep safety in your own hands.

Hiring us is the first step to improve your way of life as well as your neighbours’ because there is nothing better than living in a safe area with low crime rates. Although it might represent an investment of time and money, Safe Ireland Summit guarantees you will see results sooner than you might expect.